Dog Day Care & Boarding Services


Treat your pet to caring, qualified hands at our dog daycare and 

IMG 0635aovernight kennel services by calling Camp Canine in Taylor, Michigan. It's so much easier to enjoy your day or vacation knowing that your pet is being properly cared for and even spoiled just a little bit by our luxury pet-sitting.

Special Care for Special Pets
Our daycare and boarding services are great whether you're at work, off on a weekend getaway, or on a full two-week family vacation. During your pet's stay with us, he'll receive exercise, socialize in playgroups inside and outside, swim in our bone-shaped doggy pool, and have lots of fun playing in our playground atmosphere.
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Dog Day Care
Our doggie care is great for people that are at work and their furbabies are alone all day in the house getting no excercise, socialization or potty breaks.  Even at home workers need a break from their best friend from time to time.   Daycare services include supervision in groups with dogs of their size and activity leven.  Dogs will be both inside and outside all day long. We can even provide medications and lunch if necessary.  Tots under 25 pounds share a great area with a fire place, TV for showing movies, play equipment and a couch.  

Boarding includes dog daycare all day, and all our boarding guests are in their own five-foot doggy cabin fully equipped with a cot, their own bed or blanket and favoriate toy or bone. Our boarders get all the benefits of our dog daycare. We want your dog's stay to be as comfortable as possible, so if you have any special needs or requests, just ask.  We have eggs and chicken on hand for those not eating well with the pet parents permission only. 


Past customers retruning after not being here in over a year, must schedule a half day of daycare where we can-re evulate your dogs temperament.  Please call to schedule 734-283-0060

Save with Camp Canine!
Regular guests with us can use our unique ten-day punch card to save on stays and services. Our punch card allows you to take advantage of quick drop-off, because all you have to do is get your card punched. The discount card is good for 10 visits and does not expire.

Rewards and Risks Associated with ANY Dog Day Care/Freestyle Boarding or Dog Park
There are many rewards related to bringing your dog to any freestyle play facility including exercise, socialization, better behaved dog after playtime and they get an abundance of attention from our staff and playtime when you are away on vacation.

Like anything in life, there are also risks involved. Dogs play using their mouths and paws (claws) and even dogs that are well behaved can become overstimulated and very few can become aggressive. Even though all dogs are temperament tested, there is a slight chance injuries can happen. Surface scratches and small bites are not common but can happen. In rare cases, there is a chance that a dog may require medical attention. Camp Canine's staff does everything they can to keep all dogs safe and healthy. We will contact you immediately if anything should happen and if you are away, we will seek medical attention ASAP for your furbaby. Owners are responsible for all vet bills and the behavior of their dogs. There is less than a .1% chance that something could happen but we want all to be aware of the risk.

Other slight risks to taking your dog to any public place where there are other dogs are kennel cough or a parasite. We have air purifiers throughout our facility and we sanitize through the day, however, there is a slight change a dog can catch a cold (known as kennel cough) or parasite from another dog. Even though all dogs have the Bordetella vaccine and negative fecal tests up to date, in rare cases this can still happen. Please report to us if your dog is coughing or a fecal test comes back positive. Please do not bring a dog to Camp Canine or anywhere in public place until \two weeks after the cough stops. If they get a parasite, we will require a negative fecal test before they can return to Camp. There is less than a .001% chance this can happen. Please do your research on these items and know what to look for. Again, we take all the steps possible to keep your dog safe and healthy at Camp Canine.

 Contact Camp Canine in Taylor, Michigan, for full-service dog boarding and daycare that your pet will love.

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  • Full Grooming Services on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
  • Spacious Outdoor and Indoor play areas
  • Rubberized flooring in play areas training area..
  • Central air conditioning and heating throughout the entire facility.
  • Air purification system and fresh water.
  • 24-hour surveillance cameras and smoke detectors.
  • Large play structures and ramps for extra fun time.
  • Rubberized floors inside the play areas, (easy on your pet joints).
  • 3 different play areas to fit your dogs size and activity level:
    -- Tiny Tots under 20 pounds
    -- Medium to Large more mellow dogs
    -- Medium to Large more active dogs
  • Outside swimming pools for extra fun on hot days!
  • Large cots in play areas for nap time.
  • Large 5x5 kennels for dogs to take a break, if needed, throughout the day.
  • Large comfortable cots for kennels for dogs that cannot have beds due to chewing.